Friday, March 17, 2023

CCRS Golden Jubilee

50  Years  completion celebration ( Established in Oct 1972)  to  my Habitat Siddha Central Research Institute is  today. My leaders , My seniors and all related to the growth of Siddha Central Research institute and their family members a great salute to your contributions to feel us proud. Every space in this Building is based on your sacrifice and Good will. 

50 years have crossed . Still Central Research Institute of Siddhas soul is young , Dynamic and intuitive. The leaders of this institute had a passion over research and hence they were be able to match the Dynamism happening in Ayush endeavours and policies. Ground breaking research in Psoriasis , Cancer and Pepticulcer happened in this institute.Being the custodians of Pharmacopoeial standard making in Siddha this institute has served for more than 4 Decades in that travel.  Not Limiting itself in the subcontinent this institute has drafted the Varmam guidelines for Malaysian TCM Division. Holding more than 10 Patents in hand it stands as the pioneer in Innovation strategies. Instrumental in Running the AHMIS for the Nation developed from the In-house Built HMIS - THERAN it has proved its strength to the global community. Having more than 5 Digital assets Siddha Central Research Institute has been Helping more than 10 Institutes for their projects. This institute also has a pride of  pioneering the Startup environment in Siddha by its Scheme ARIVU with the help of CCRS. Having more than 250 Publications and 50 Books Siddha Central Research Institute stand high in AYUSH stream. Being a partnering institute along with National institute of Siddha  and Regional research institute of Unani Medicine  Siddha Central Research Institute March ahead   in Regional Raw drug Repository for Southern plateau. Having Awarded for identification as one of the best Phaarmacovigilance institute SCRI has also proved it tensile strength in Drug Research.  The Siddha  terminology Project of WHO and Diagnostic codes of WHO which is in the pipeline are the International collaboration achievements. Competency enhancement Modules for practitioners in Malaysia has been submitted by Siddha Central Research Institutes efforts. By travelling in the Roads created by the leaders Siddha Central Research Institute can achieve these milestones with smart work. In Clinical arena during Pandemic this institute has collaborated with almost 10 Institutes in India to prove the efficacy of Siddha drugs and Kabasurakudineer in Particular to whole world and Proving to the Allopathic contemporary health community the real strength of Ayush. Being a PhD centre , Having a GMP Pharmacy and Sophisticated instrumentation facility and world class faculties in Preclinical and Clinical Division Siddha Central Research Institute is travelling to achieve the Highest glories in Siddha Research. Siddha central Research institute always recognise the support rendered by Ayurvedic Friends for their support while in CCRAS. Undoubtedly the Directors and Director Generals of CCRAS and CCRS has guided this institute to achieve what it meant for. Apart from celebration SCRI has its Upcoming projects to meet the SDG Goals which will help the Science community to reach a 100 years of Research in Siddha.
Dr. Sathyarajeswaran Parameswaran

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Honey Cola Machine

Honey Cola
Natural Very Tasty Health Drink
Ingredients :Honey ,lemon,Ginger

Amla Honey - Our new product

Rich source of Calcium &Iron.Mainly Anaemia Case in Children
Ingredient :Goosberry +Pure Wild Honey

Our Then Gramam Project (Honey Bee Cultivation in every House )